Snuggle Beds & Mattresses

Snuggle Mattresses are a discount mattress manufacturer in the UK. Whilst there aren't widely known they do have a core loyal customer base who continually go back to them, primarily because of their unbeatable combination of quality and low prices.

As you might expect, Snuggle mattresses don't tend to contain all the technological innovations that have been developed over the past few decades. For example, most of their mattresses don't contain memory foam and many still have open coil systems as opposed to individual pocket springs. However, what they don't contain is more than made up for with their prices.

The Top Snuggle Mattresses

Snuggle Damask Quilt - the leading Snuggle mattress, this is the mattress that is purchased most often. It's a medium mattress, is of a good quality, and comes at a very affordable price. 

Snuggle Eco - the cheapest Snuggle mattress and frequently the cheapest mattress available on the market. 

Snuggle Tuft - known for providing comfort, this is a soft to medium mattress. 

Snuggle Memory Deluxe - this is a higher end Snuggle mattress, containing an incredible 60mm of memory foam. This is considerably more than most luxury memory foam mattresses contain. 

Snuggle Memory Coolmax - another memory foam mattress, this one is slightly more expensive as it contains 70mm of memory foam. 

Snuggle Seasons Natural Collection - this mattress has been designed with the seasons in the UK in mind. In the winter you can use the wool side of the mattress, and when summer arrives just flip it over onto its specially designed cooler side.